Sunday, June 28, 2009

Spicoli Burgers Review

I have been looking for a veggie burger recipe that is pretty easy to make and does not contain mushrooms (blech) for awhile. I stumbled across the veggie terrain blog while searching for a recipe for Cuban Rice and Beans. I started reading other posts and came across the recipe for Spicoli Burgers. I had to try it! It was great! I will definitely be using it again!

The recipe can be found at veggie terrain.

Here are my rankings for the recipe on a 1-5 scale.

Taste: 4
Ease of Preparation:

Weight Friendliness:
4 (3 weight watchers points per burger and v
ery filling)
Maddie Friendliness:
2 (she didn't eat any of it, though she may have gotten distracted by the sweet potato fries)
Cost of Ingredients: 3
Overall: 3.4

With the burgers, I served Alexia Spicy Sweet Potato Fries.

Maddie ate these so quickly that my husband and I made donations to her from our own plates. She loved them! Though this did end quickly when I think she realized that they were spicy. She started to cry and stick out her tongue. We tried to offer her water, but she would not take it! They are pretty good for pre-packaged sweet potato fries. The spice tastes sort of like barbecue sauce. They don't taste that spicy initially, just kind of sweet, but there is definitely a little bit of an afterburn.

For more on my ratings system see Recipe Ratings: A Guide.

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