Monday, July 6, 2009

A Week on the Cheap

This week, I'm going to try to get by without grocery shopping. This presents a pretty big challenge for me.

I have never been good at improvising with what I have. I did some cataloging of what I have in my cupboards. Remember how when I made tacos last week I said I couldn't wait to try the potato tacos? Well, I had blue corn tortillas, potatoes, and some taco seasoning.

I followed the recipe here, with the following modifications:

  • I chopped up an onion (inspired by a roasted potato salad I made over the weekend) and added it to the roast pan.
  • After I did that I threw in a green pepper and some garlic too.
  • I didn't have black beans, so I threw some chickpeas in with the potatoes for roasting too (hey, worked the last time).
Conclusion? Pretty much any vegetables coated in taco seasoning and roasted are awesome and taste delicious in tacos. Seriously, I'd eat the filling by itself.

Tomorrow I'm going to make some dal with some of the gallons of lentils I seem to have in my cupboard. I'm going to try the recipe here.

I did some cooking over the weekend and had some recipe requests. I'll be posting more or links to more shortly!

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