Sunday, September 20, 2009

Spicoli Burgers and Potato Squashers!

Tonight we had spicoli burgers and potato squashers. I have made the spicoli burgers before and posted about it here. After trying this and a few other recipes from Eat, Drink, and Be Vegan by Dreena Burton, I went ahead and bought the cookbook. To accompany the spicoli burgers, I made the potato squashers. They are really tasty and very simple too. Garison saw them and said, "How am I supposed to eat these?" I said, "Um, with a fork?" He said, aghast, "You mean I have to eat the skins?" I'm happy to say, though that he ate them and he liked them in spite of his initial revulsion about eating the skins.

I have missed cooking! It feels so good to nourish your family and yourself by taking the time to make healthy food. I think I have been a little too ambitious, though. Scheduling weeks jam-packed with recipes that take 1.5 hours or more to make. I am going to try to limit the big plans for one or two nights a week and spend most of my time focusing on fast and easy stuff for work nights so I don't become so overwhelmed. If anyone has favorite recipes that are fast and easy or recommendations for cookbooks I'd love to hear them!

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