Sunday, December 19, 2010

Recipe Organization

Since my last post, I've learned a lot about recipe organization and meal planning, so I am going to start sharing some of my tips. If you have any tips, please chime in!

My first tip is going to sound a bit like an ad, I guess. This year, I downloaded a tool called Evernote and it made everything so much easier. To preface this, I have a mac and an iPhone, so other tools may work better depending on the type of computer/phone you have. For example, for recipe organization, OneNote from Microsoft will work just as well.

Evernote is really just a tool that allows you to organize notes. One of the key features it gives you is that it puts a button on your browser that allows you to easily export webpages to a notebook. I use this for clipping recipes off of the internet. I now have a giant notebook full of recipes I've found online that is searchable and taggable. If I want a recipe to use up some of that cilantro that is starting to wilt in my refrigerator, I can type in cilantro and get a full list of recipes.

Evernote stores everything in "the cloud" so if I want to view a note from another tool, I just need to sync and it uploads all of my most current notes. This is very handy for grocery lists. I create my grocery list in Evernote and open my phone and sync it and there is my list. With an app called Egretlist, it turns my grocery list into a note that allows me to just tap each item as I shop to mark it as complete.

It's exciting how technology makes things like meal planning, shopping, and recipe organization so much easier.

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